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Steps to Finalize Membership

1. Go to and pay $50.00 via e-transfer ([email protected]) and fill out the registration form. This process gets all the information required to The Woodstock Archery Club.

2. Then go to (This is the registration process for Archery New Brunswick and Archery Canada.

1) Click buy/renew membership

2) Go through the list until you find Archery New Brunswick 2022 and then click it,

3) Go through the above process for each and every person joining. This process gets all fees and information to both the provincial and federal associations. Fees are paid by credit card and once all is complete you can print off a membership card that has your membership #, Woodstock Archery Club and then you also have the insurance needed to carry a bow, hunt or compete.

3. The fees due to the provincial and federal associations are:
Youth (under 19)- ANB $4.00 AC-$16.00 a total of $20.00 plus a processing fee.
Adults- ANB $29.00 AC-$21.00 a total of $50.00 plus a processing fee.
These fees used to be paid through each local club but was changed for 2022.

*** No registration is complete until both of the above processes and waivers have been done. Both steps are required to ensure you have insurance and protection while enjoying the sport of archery****

Application Form