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Our mission and objectives

Our mission is to bring all archers together for hunting, sport whether it for leisure or completion.

Our objective is to teach safety, responsibility, accomplishment, and physical activity through training by certified instructors.

It is started with an idea and a few archery enthusiasts in early 2000. Those ideas were put to work when the Club held its grand opening in 2001. They set out to promote the sport of archery and dismiss the myth that it was just for hunters. Archery is an evolving sport that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The Woodstock Archery Club has grown along with the sport, with the few members in 2001 and growing steadily each year.

The Woodstock Archery Club is proud to sponsor the Canbow program. The program has been up and running with great success for the last few years. It is a great way to introduce youth to the sport of archery. The program runs through the fall to the spring with summer outdoor shoots. We are associated with the Federation of Canadian Archers. and insurance is provided by the Archery New Brunswick. Canbow teaches youth the fundamentals of archery, safety, responsibility, accomplishment, and physical activity.

In late 2005 we joined up with the Culture & Sport Secretariat and set off on an adventure that was an experience that we will never regret. We saw an explosion of youth interest in archery with the Club’s Canbow and the Go-NB program. With the grants received the club was able to purchase 10 new bows and sights for the children that did not have equipment to start out with.

The Woodstock archery club is a family club and works within itself to produce better family living, and a sport that the whole family can enjoy. Every member can be active with every aspect of the club’s business. Every one of the members has the say and quite a few of them devote a lot of their time volunteering with the club.

Archery is a challenging and rewarding sport, encompassing all ages. It’s an individual sport, and it could be what some people are looking for whether they are looking for a leisure hobby or a serious sport.

The Woodstock Archery Club has accomplished a great deal since its humble beginning in 2001, some of them are, one of the top club sponsors of the 2005 Canadian Nationals, its Canbow program, receiving the 2006 WVCCE Builders Award and hosting 2013 Canadian National Archery Championships along with the Canadian International Archery Trials.

We have a large inventory of targets and equipment, such as compound bows that we have made available to the children through membership fundraising